Glass Skin Serum

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Strengthens skin’s natural moisture barrier and reduces sensitivity | Provides a shield against harsh or drying environments, and creates a smooth-as-glass finish for flawless makeup

Rough, dry skin results primarily from two conditions: (1) a damaged lipid-barrier that no longer seals moisture between surface skin cells and (2) an uneven surface caused by a “hill-and-valley” topography.

Damage to the skin’s lipid barrier occurs with such incidents as age, stress, poor diet, UV exposure, severe environments, or harsh skin care products. The skin’s natural topography is unique to the individual; yet this uneven surface is seen to some extent in every skin.

Equalizing Serum’s dual moisture/protection action addresses both causes of rough, dry skin. First, skin-fortifying lipids are delivered into skin’s damaged layers, strengthening the barrier, repairing damage from UV light, and making underlying layers more resistant to dryness and irritation. Second, the unique silicone delivery system, which targets lipids between skin cells, acts as a breathable barrier to shield skin from dryness and irritants. Within seconds, the silicone matrix settles into the skin’s natural “valleys”, evening the surface to form a smooth-as-glass finish.

Equalizing Serum glides over the skin like a rich, luxurious oil. Yet, after only two minutes, even the roughest skin feels ultra smooth, refined and retexturized – with no trace of oil. Oily skin appears to produce less shine – dry skin experiences a renewed vitality from prolonged moisture control.For the longest shelf-life, store Equalizing Serum in a dark, cool environment.Does not contain colorants or preservatives.

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Silicone blend:
non-comedogenic breathable barrier; provides smooth-as-glass finish

skin-fortifying lipid; moisturizes within skin

Jojoba oil:
moisture-control oil similar to skin’s own natural oils; keeps lipids fresh

Oil blend of hazelnut, borage, kukui nut, rose hips seed and evening primrose | lipid-rich plant oils; moisturizes within skin

Camellia sinensis oil:
soothing oil from green tea

Tocopheryl linoleate:
moisturizing vitamin E; forms moisture reservoir for 16-20 hours

Retinyl palmitate:
antioxidant vitamin A; protects from environmental aging and irritation

vitamin D; texturizes and conditions rough skin

Lithospermum extract:
soothing red extract from seaweed

Essential oil blend:
deliciously fragrant skin-softening oils* Derived by biofermentation technology, not animals

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What's it used for?

  • Even the roughest, most porous skin is smooth-as-glass
  • Makeup looks smooth and flawless everytime
  • Skin feels moist, supple and exceptionally comfortable — inside and out
  • Skin often becomes less sensitive over time

Skin Conditions

  • Rough, porous skin
  • Poor barrier function
  • Fine surface lines
  • Uneven makeup application
  • Environmentally-exposed
  • All skin types

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