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Nonsurgical and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments continue to surge in popularity as people look for less intense ways to improve their appearance. Our office is proud to offer an assortment of InMode treatments, all specialized to treat specific facial or bodily concerns.

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FaceTite utilizes the same liposuction/RF energy technology as BodyTite at a much smaller, targeted area. Since it is more concentrated, it can be performed as an in-clinic procedure, unlike BodyTite.

This combination is just as effective at removing smaller amounts of fat around the neck and face, making it a top choice for patients looking for a very noticeable improvement to things like double chins and overly puffy cheeks.

The RF energy is still passed through a medical-grade wand, but it is done at a much smaller level and is connected directly to the cannula that removes the fat from within the tissue. This design ensures the pinpoint accuracy for this procedure, helping your medical professional achieve exceptional results.


If you have ever heard of liposuction, then BodyTite will be reasonably simple to understand since both utilize the same technology ( a medical-grade cannula to suction fat out from the body). But there is a very important difference between the two that gives BodyTite a considerable advantage over traditional liposuction procedures.

BodyTite uses concentrated radiofrequency energy to assist in the fat removal process. By emitting RF waves from a device above the skin, the underlying fat is liquified at the time of extraction, making it much easier to thoroughly remove large quantities of fat deposits.

While the RF energy used in BodyTite does get transformed into heat by your tissue, the mechanism has built-in safety features that prevent any damage from occurring on the surface of the skin, making it both safe and effective at body contouring.

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