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Does Fat Freezing and Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Work?

Eliminate pockets of fat without any surgery through a non-invasive treatment—fat freezing

Many people find it challenging to get rid of stubborn fat deposits that don’t respond to diet and regular exercise. Undergoing surgery to get rid of this unwanted fat can be a daunting decision. If you want to address these problem areas without traditional surgical methods, fat freezing is the right treatment for you. Read along to get a brief understanding of this FDA-approved body contouring technique.

What is fat freezing?

Fat freezing or LipoCryo is a non-surgical treatment to tone and sculpt the body using liquid nitrogen to eliminate excess fat. This revolutionary treatment helps get rid of the bulging abdomen, saddlebags, and love handles. People who wish to remove unwanted fat deposits in various body areas like the stomach, back, buttocks, and arms are the ideal candidates for a fat freezing procedure.During the treatment, a certified professional crystallises the fat calls causing bulges through a combination of vacuum and targeted cryogenics (selective cooling). The body’s natural metabolism process removes denatured fat cells (adipocytes) after the procedure. According to the thickness of the fat tissues and the desired reduction, one to four sessions are recommended at a 45 days interval.

Is fat freezing safe?

Fat freezing is a safe alternative to surgical procedures as it doesn’t involve any incisions, tissue manipulation, and anaesthesia. Unlike other slimming treatments, it has no risk of skin damage near the target area.It is crucial to note that this body sculpting method aims at fat loss, not weight loss. Fat freezing is not advisable for obese or significantly overweight people.

How long do the results from fat freezing last?

This body contouring treatment is highly effective and reduces the treated fat layer by 25 percent. It is possible to achieve 3 to 15 mm fat loss within a few sessions. Most people notice 40 per cent of the results after a few days of the procedure. The inch-loss process continues for more than a month post-treatment, and it may take around one to four months to get complete results. Radio frequency skin firming can be opted between sessions to keep the skin firm while the fat is frozen and enhance the overall impact.The results of fat freezing last indefinitely. However, fat can deposit in the treated areas if you gain weight after the treatment. For maintaining long-lasting results, it is essential to follow a healthy diet routine and exercise regularly.

Expectations during fat freezing recovery

Fat freezing is a non-surgical, painless body contouring procedure that eliminates any surgical risks. However, it may cause slight tension around the targeted area due to the vacuum effect during the process. Patients might also experience intense cold, tingling, aching, and cramping sensations at the beginning of the treatment. Slight redness and numbness around the treated area can occur post-session, which will recede after a few hours.

Fat freezing vs. liposuction

Both fat freezing and liposuction are body contouring treatments that help reduce unwanted fat deposits. One of the significant differences is that liposuction is an invasive surgery, which comes with a risk of damage to the surrounding tissues.There is no downtime in fat freezing, and patients can resume daily activities post-treatment. On the other hand, recovery time for liposuction is usually a few days, and it takes two to four weeks to safely start strenuous work.

Why choose Biolite for fat freezing?

At Biolite Aesthetic Clinic, licensed professionals offer an extensive consultation to assess the suitability of each procedure. The results are subjective, and a combination programme for body sculpting may help achieve optimal results. Depending on individual concerns and expectations, the specialist plastic surgeon suggests a personalized plan and guides through the entire process to deliver the best outcomes.

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