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IV Infusions: The Next Big Buzz in Beauty

IV infusions are taking over the beauty and wellness world, and we find out why

IV infusions, also known as intravenous therapy, came into the beauty world in the latter part of the last decade. It was originally introduced as the Myers’ Cocktail, after the late John Myers, M.D., as a remedy for various ailments—from acute asthma attacks and migraines to fatigue and cardiovascular diseases. The vitamin and mineral-rich liquid drip is celebrity-certified, with the likes of Rihanna, Adele, and Chrissy Teigen swearing by it. The Kardashian-Jenner clan is also a fan of intravenous infusions. A preventative as well as a restorative measure—they target overall wellness—and restore balance and energise the body. The infusions also have multiple beauty benefits—think younger-looking skin and healthier hair and nails. They are packed with vitamins, amino acids, glycine, and glutamine, all essential elements for healthy and glowing skin.

How do IV infusions work?

why choose IV infusions

IV infusions are supplied to the body directly through veins. Since digestion and absorption stages are cancelled out in intravenous therapy, it is a quicker method when compared to oral and topical treatments. According to, only 50 percent of a vitamin is absorbed by the body when taken orally, while 90 percent of it will be absorbed through an IV infusion. The effects are fast-tracked and a higher level of nutrients are absorbed, which makes it an effective and efficient treatment for enhanced immunity and overall wellness.

What is the treatment like?

At Biolite, we always recommend being well fed and hydrated before an IV session—food and water help the nutrients absorb better. The patient’s blood pressure is checked before the session, to make sure everything is normal. Then, as per their choice and need, an IV cocktail is prepared. A small tube is inserted via a vein in their hand or arm. The drip slowly starts to enter the bloodstream, delivering required nutrients to the body. Once complete, the practitioner applies a bandage to the injection spot and makes sure the patient’s vitals are normal. The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes and there is little to no discomfort.

What to expect after the treatment?

It is advised to not move around too much immediately after an IV infusion. Patients can feel light-headed and even jittery. This is because the body experienced a surge of nutrients and it will require a few minutes to stabilise. Sitting down and drinking fluids is recommended. Once the body settles down and the nutrient cocktail is absorbed, patients will notice a surge in energy. The effects of a single treatment can be seen for up to a week. However, factors like smoking and drinking do play a part—such lifestyle choices may require more than one treatment.

What are the benefits?

benefits of IV infusions

IV infusions are associated with curing acute problems but are also useful in treating chronic illnesses. Studies show that IV infusions have multiple benefits, some of them are:

  • Wellness: The nutrient surge directly boosts the immune system and helps fight illnesses. If you are a frequent flyer, scheduling a regular infusion will be helpful for you since IV infusions are effective in treating jet lag. They also improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and stress, and treat migraines. They help relieve pain through muscle spasms and increase athletic function.
  • Skin: The vitamin C in the infusions increases skin elasticity, treats acne, and improves collagen production. Glutamine helps get rid of toxins and repairs UV damage. Antioxidants present in the drip reduce signs of ageing and prevent tissue damage. IV infusions also contain biotin, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles, promotes cell growth, and also strengthens nails.
  • Hair: IV infusions also increase blood supply to the hair, ensuring healthy hair growth. At Biolite, we offer a special IV infusion targeted for healthy hair. This particular formula is full of vitamin B complex and arginine, which stimulates hair growth.

Although IV infusion studies are limited, the immediate results of intravenous therapy are evident—patients swear by it and keep coming for more. At Biolite, we believe in treatments that are safe and effective, and IV infusions—when administered by a professional—show results that are promising and not risky.Watch Biolite's resident aesthetic physician, Dr Shweta Sandeep, explain IV infusions in a detailed IGTV.To book an appointment, click here.FEATURED IMAGE COURTESY: Woman photo created by wavebreakmedia_micro -

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