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Wondering How to Get Naturally-Plump Lips That Last?

The only two treatments you need for lips that are naturally plumper, pinker, and smoother

Did you know that the skin on our lips is three times more delicate than that on our face? Our lips are directly exposed to the sun’s harmful rays and with age, they become drier, thinner, and discoloured. Dull lips with vertical lines on older adults are called lip wrinkles. They cause sagging around the mouth and cancel out the plumpness of your cheeks. On the other hand, pink and naturally plump lips are signs of youth—enhancing the appearance of cheekbones and the area around the mouth. While we cannot stop the natural ageing process, some treatments can help reverse this damage to give you younger, more plump lips. Trust our treatments, rather than makeup and cosmetics, to easily take 10 years off your face.


Restylane Kysse filler

What are lip fillers?Lip fillers, or volume enhancers, are injections on the upper and lower lips that make them look fuller. These fillers are made of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which gives your lips a natural, enhanced effect. It has long-lasting results and can be reversed anytime. It can be helpful in many ways, like:

  • Reversing lip thinning
  • Getting rid of lip cracks
  • Adding symmetry to your face
  • Refining the shape and adding definition to your lips
  • Leaving your lips looking healthy and hydrated
  • Giving you a confidence boost

How does the treatment work?After an initial consultation, your aesthetician determines your specific needs and shows you a comprehensive plan, which is tailor-made for you. During the treatment, the following steps will be done:

  • Before the treatment starts, local anaesthesia will be applied to your lips. It takes about five to 10 minutes for your lips to get ready for the treatment.
  • The filler is then injected into your lip from the outside edge to minimise bruising.
  • Once the filler is in place, the lips will be massaged to make sure the product is spread evenly. It also makes sure that there are no bumps.

You may feel a slight tingling sensation, some redness, and swelling immediately after the treatment. There may also be some itching but this will subside. We recommend keeping your lips out of direct sunlight for a few days. Make sure to stay hydrated and to take care of your lips post-treatment. A single lip filler treatment can last up to 12 months.What is special at Biolite?At Biolite, we offer the Restylane Kysse filler, which injects hyaluronic acid into the lips, giving you more plump lips with natural-looking results. Because it has natural-looking results, it eliminates the heavy feeling patients usually experience post lip fillers. The hyaluronic acid also ensures that they look smooth and hydrated. It also enhances the colour of your lips. One of our more popular lip fillers are Swiss-made and have a low-risk to cause any allergic reactions. The downtime for this treatment is minimal. It is an excellent choice for younger-looking, more plump lips and also helps reverse age-related lip thinning. This filler has proven to be successful in defining the contours of your lips, giving you an overall younger-looking appearance.


Fotona 4D Pink Lips

For those looking for pinker and more plump lips without injectables and fillers, the Fotona 4D treatment is the best treatment for you. It is typically used to get non-surgical face-lifts but the technology can also be effective for younger-looking lips. What is the Fotona 4D treatment? Fotona 4D is a non-invasive laser treatment that increases the fullness of skin in different parts of your face. It stimulates collagen production by targeting the exterior facial and interior oral cavities, which increases skin’s elasticity and volume. This treatment can be used for younger-looking, more plump lips because it smoothes wrinkles, reduces fine lines, and tightens skin. It also works to bring back the natural colour of your lips.How does the treatment work?The treatment uses two wavelengths and four different modes to target different layers of the skin.

  1. SmoothLiftin®: The first is an intraoral heating treatment that stimulates collagen contraction. It is helpful in treating folds around the mouth, giving you fuller lips with a younger appearance.
  2. Frac3®: The second step complements the intraoral treatment by targeting deeper levels of the skin through a fractionated beam. This step is essential in correcting the tone from the outside.
  3. PIANO®: Rapid laser-tissue heating is supplied externally to target the subcutaneous area. This improves skin tightening and restores your skin’s elasticity and collagen.
  4. SupErficial®: The final step involves a light cold peel to gently exfoliate the skin and get rid of any imperfections for a smooth finish.

The Fotona 4D treatment lasts for about 45-50 minutes and has no downtime. It is painless and suitable for all skin types. After getting the Fotona 4D treatment, you will notice smoother, pinker, and more plump lips in a short time. We recommend three sessions for best results.

Lip treatments for a lifted face

These lip treatments not only reverse age-related damage but bring a change to the structure of the face. Thin and dry lips deepen lines and wrinkles surrounding the mouth and restructure the jaw and cheekbone, whereas pinker and more plump lips enhance the shape of the mouth and give your face a lifted, more defined structure.Book a consultation with us here and follow us on Instagram for daily updates on lip treatments.

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