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Acne treatments: What's the right treatment for you?

These are the clinical acne treatments that dermatologists recommend for glowing, radiant, and acne-free skin

Acne is a recurring and incredibly common issue faced by almost everyone, from teens to adults. It is the one skin issue that everyone can relate to regardless of their age, gender or skin type. The causes of acne ranges from hormonal issues to stress, pollution, lifestyle choices, diet, and a host of other things. Needless to say, our everyday exposure to external environmental aggressors, and the recent mandated wearing of face masks, has doubled the chances of breaking out, even for those who don’t generally have acne. Before we talk about clinical acne treatments, let's touch up its cause and other solutions to it. All types of breakouts from mild acne to severe acne, occur primarily because of clogged pores. When the pores get clogged due to build-up of excess oil, dirt, and sweat, the acne-causing bacteria begin to thrive, resulting in breakouts.

acne treatments

Choosing the right acne treatment depends on the type of skin and degree of acne you have—whether its mild acne or severe acne. The acne treatment you opt for is usually one of the three: A prescription, in-clinic procedure, or at-home routine.

  • All prescription acne treatments include over-the-counter topical medications containing active ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, which help fight inflammation. Oral medications such as antibiotics and birth control pills are also used for acne treatment of mild acne to severe acne.
  • At-home acne treatments include improvement or changing of general lifestyle habits, ensuring a healthy and nutritious diet, and drinking lots of water.
  • However, the best acne treatment option by far is to go for an in-clinic treatment. A professional expert consults your skin and recommends the best acne treatment option for you, depending on the kind of acne concern.

The first stage in acne treatment is to minimise and control acne and breakouts. At Biolite, we offer a thorough acne treatment programme that includes many different options you can choose from. Let’s explore some of these acne treatments.


acne treatments microdermabrasion

A deep cleaning acne treatment, microdermabrasion eliminates the topmost layer of the skin through crystal surfacing and vacuum. It is a minimally-invasive mechanical exfoliation acne treatment that gently buffs away dead skin cells. You will have skin that is smooth, clean, and renewed.

Green Peel

A medically developed, plant-based, herbal peeling method, Green Peel acne treatment effectively and gently peels the outermost layer of the skin. It removes dead skin cells and leaves behind soft, smooth, clean, and unclogged pores. The use of plant-based peels instead of chemical ones, targets the area and intensifies blood circulation, giving a glowing complexion and radiant appearance. The peel stimulates the growth of new cells and effectively absorbs nutrients. It also helps with acne scarring—fading the scars overtime.

IPL Photofacial

acne treatments ipl photo facial

This treatment uses the Ellipse applicator or flash lamp, which is a unique IPL (Intense Pulse Light) system that produces light that is carefully filtered. This ensures that a safe wavelength of the light is emitted on the skin. When skin cells containing excessive amounts of melanin or hemoglobin are exposed to the light, they heat up and destroy within a few seconds. The skin feels much healthier and even-toned with a visible minimisation of acne. Photofacial is a great way to treat mild acne as well as those who suffer from severe acne and acne scars. The second stage of acne treatment is treatment of acne scars. The Biolite acne programme also contains several treatment options for acne scarring as well as those suffering from Rosacea.


The Dermapen microneedling technique rejuvenates collagen production and repairs damaged skin. The precision of this technique allows for new epidermal growth, fibroblast, and skin matrix production, which helps fade acne scarring. It enhances the body’s ability to remodel and heal itself, which is important for acne/wound scarring.


acne treatment e-matrix

A sublative rejuvenation technique, E-matrix uses fractionated bi-polar radio frequency energy (not laser) to deliver bulk heating in the deep dermal layers. This is done without damaging the outer layer of skin. It enables the fading of deep seated acne scars and leaves the skin with a smooth texture and appearance. Added bonus? Enhances collagen production to renew and heal skin.

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