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The 5 Biggest Aesthetic and Beauty Trends Of 2022

Here is our forecast of top aesthetic trends set to explode in 2022

We have all welcomed 2022 with hope and positivity! Thanks to maskne, Zoom face and Covid face, 2021 witnessed the increased popularity of various aesthetic treatments. We predict to see similar aesthetic trends in this year also. According to us, 2022 will be the year of tighter and brighter faces. Here are the five biggest aesthetic trends 2022 that you should look out for:

1. Chemical peels

Following on from 2021, chemical peels will continue to be one of the top aesthetic trends 2022. Skin will continue to be the big focus and, people will prefer treatments like chemical peels for a clear and radiant complexion. Chemical peels are a great option to reduce the appearance of pores and improve your skin texture. This treatment is effective in controlling pore size and excess sebum production. They contain mild acids that are applied in a single layer on the skin. Peels work by removing the top layer of the skin and uncovering new, healthy skin. This popular treatment can also stimulate the body’s natural response to produce collagen. There are three types of chemical peels:

  • Superficial peels: These only penetrate the outer layer of the skin, using mild acids like alpha-hydroxy acid.
  • Medium peels: These use trichloroacetic or glycolic acid to reach the middle and outer layer of the skin.
  • Deep peels: These fully penetrate the middle layer to remove dead skin cells.

2. Lip treatment

While 2021 has been a year of fancy face masks, in 2022, the focus will be back on lips. Plump, hydrated and pink lips are going to be one of the top aesthetic trends 2022. If you are looking for natural pink lips without injectables or fillers, the Fotona 4D Pink Lips Treatment at Biolite is perfect for you. It is a non-invasive laser treatment that makes your lips pink and plumper. This laser treatment targets skin cells at the cellular level to generate more collagen and elastin, thus making the skin firmer and restoring the thickness of your skin. It also adds volume. Fotona 4D uses a sequence of non-invasive and synergistic laser energy on both the inside and outside of your oral cavity. It leads to the complete development of collagen, giving you plump lips without the use of any injections or fillers.

3. Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is among one of the top aesthetic trends 2022. Have you ever used ice cubes to reduce the morning puffiness? Then you must be aware of all the incredible benefits of cryotherapy. The process of using an extremely cold temperature to boost skin health is called cold therapy or cryotherapy. The benefits of cryotherapy are endless—from reducing puffiness, redness and inflammation to soothing sunburn and promoting blood circulation. Since the aesthetic trends 2022 will be more focused on skincare, we predict that cryotherapy is going to be immensely popular in the upcoming year. If you want to keep up with one of the top aesthetic trends 2022, you can try Cryo freeze facial at Biolite. This facial works by stimulating the microcirculation of the blood flow, creating better oxygenation of skin cells. It also promotes the penetration of very active and highly potent vitamin-based serums. These serums contain a multitude of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to rejuvenate your skin and protect it against free radicals. This incredible facial also boosts collagen production.

4. Advanced skin tightening treatments

Non-surgical skin tightening treatments that give natural results are forecasted to be one of the biggest aesthetic trends 2022. Here are some of the top non-invasive skin tightening treatments:Endymed Intensif is a minimally-invasive procedure that combines micro-needling and radiofrequency to improve your skin’s texture and help you achieve smoother, younger-looking skin. The results last up to a year after the treatment. It works by transmitting heat into the dermis, which triggers the natural healing process. The healing process stimulates collagen production that helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, active acne, lax skin, and scars.Ultherapy is an FDA-approved non-invasive method for lifting the skin on the face, neck, as well as the skin under the chin and on the eyebrow. This treatment works wonders on marionette lines as it helps remove the visible signs of aging. It uses ultrasound energy to boost the production of collagen that is essential for younger-looking skin.Inmode Forma. If you want an instant facelift, this aesthetic treatment is a brilliant option for you. Inmode Forma, commonly known as the “red carpet mini facelift”, is a perfect way to instantly get a more youthful, tauter and radiant complexion. This auto-adjusting thermal aesthetic treatment stimulates the production of new collagen and improves your skin elasticity for long-lasting and remarkable results. This skin tightening treatment uses radio-frequency technology to provide optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of your skin.

5. Non-surgical body sculpting

Non-surgical body sculpting treatments are going to be one of the hottest aesthetic trends 2022. More and more people are looking for ways to tone and sculpt their bodies without going under the knife. Treatments like Emsculpt Neo and Inmode Evolve will be very popular in 2022.Inmode Evolve Body Contouring system is the first revolutionary, all-in-one platform that draws on three different technologies to remodel skin, target fat tissue, and tone muscle. This cutting-edge treatment is a customizable, hands-free body contouring procedure. The Inmode Evolve body contouring treatment works to remodel the skin by harnessing a combination of radiofrequency energy, a tissue vacuum, and EMS, making it a cut above the Emsculpt Neo. The Inmode Evolve Body Contouring is the best body shaping treatment because it is the only treatment that provides the following advantages simultaneously:

  • Remodeling the skin (skin tightening)
  • Treating adipose tissue (fat cells)
  • Toning muscles (improve muscle tone)

Emsculpt Neo combines two body-contouring procedures: Fat removal and muscle toning, into a single non-surgical treatment. The procedure takes about 30 minutes to complete. Emsculpt Neo uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate intense muscle contractions and hence, leads to muscle toning. Presently, the Emsculpt Neo device is FDA-approved for use on the abs, arms, calves and glutes. To learn more about the top aesthetic trends 2022 that can transform your skin, you can speak to us on  +971 4 346 6641, email on, or schedule an appointment here.

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