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Treatments To Lose Weight For Your Best Body Yet

Three treatments that tone the body, reduce cellulite, and remove inches of fat

When it comes to weight loss, diet and exercise are crucial, but many of us still have stubborn areas with extra fat that won’t seem to go away. Be it pregnancy, rapid weight gain and loss, age, or just minimal time to focus on diet and exercise, this is a common problem for many. This is where clinical treatments come in and can provide results. At Biolite, we use a combination of treatments to lose weight, reduce cellulite, and tone and tighten the skin.


LipoCryo for fat loss

LipoCryo is one of our non-invasive treatments to lose weight, which uses innovative technology to remove localised fat tissue and is done in the clinic. While liposuction has many risks, including damage to surrounding tissues, LipoCryo has no risk of damaging tissues. Lipocryo’s innovative technology can be used on multiple body areas including the stomach, back, buttocks, and arms. This means that anyone who has unwanted fat deposits on any area of his or her body is an ideal candidate for the procedure. It works by placing a medical device on the skin and combines a vacuum action to remove the subcutaneous tissue, while using cryotechnology therapy to freeze the fat. Typically we recommend one to four sessions with 45 days between each session. Depending on the initial thickness of the fat tissue, a reduction of up to 45 percent of the fatty deposit can be expected over a period of six weeks. The procedure takes around 60 minutes and has no downtime.

Radio Frequency

Radio frequency body contouring technology is an FDA-approved treatment to lose weight, which uses radio waves to heat the skin, causing collagen to contract, tighten, and then produce new collagen. This safely minimises the appearance of cellulite and tightens the skin. It can be used on the face, abdomen, hands, thighs, and arms.  

Body Blitz

Body Blitz for body contouring

This three-in-one treatment uses G5, radiofrequency, and transition to break down the fat and improve tissue strength, reduce tissue fluid, and increase the metabolic rate which results in less cellulite, fat loss, increased muscle tone, tightened skin, less water weight, and a more contoured body. You can use it on your abdomen, arms, thighs, hips, and legs. This treatment is best for someone who wants a more cohesive outcome that comes with benefits of tighter skin and less cellulite while also losing inches of fat.When it comes to choosing treatments to lose weight, we recommend booking a consultation so that the doctor can understand what your goals are and whether or not you should opt for one specific treatment, or choose our Body Blitz program.FEATURED IMAGE COURTESY: Master1305 for

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